Ideas and recipes from sunny Australia, for nourishing,
wholesome foods, prepared
with holistic ingredients that
love you back.

My beliefs are simple: Everything in this universe is connected and everything is ambivalent. Think of it as if the universe is the ocean and you are one water droplet. Whatever happens in this big ocean affects us tiny droplets, but all the droplets affect and change the ocean. So in a smaller (or bigger) picture, we are connected to everything within and around us.

Eating is a key to life and I think sometimes we forget that it's also a privilege.

In nature only the skilled hunters, who are either quick or patient, get to fill their bellies. Whoever has tried their hand with gardening knows that it's a challenge to grow your own food and way easier to spend a few dollars in the next supermarket. Please keep in mind that every dollar you spend supports something or someone.


Almost 150 years ago Jean Brillat-Savarin said ‘you are what you eat’. So, it’s not only important to consider what you eat, but also how it’s grown, where it comes from, what went into it... Back to that universe thing! You have probably guessed by now, eating organic is crucial, not only for your internal balance but also for the environment. It is our planet, after all.

Another heart matter of mine is to really make sure the meat you eat, comes from 'a good home' and had a life outside with equally good nutrition. With meat I believe that less is more and definitely quality over quantity.


And because everything is ambivalent, it is important to eat a great variety of things... a balance. Nature is abundant but also sparse at times. Seasons give an indication of when to top up and when to rest.


I also believe that you are what you think, and more importantly, you are how you feel. What is your daily internal dialog while you eat, live, work, shop?

In our fast paced, materialist society there is very little space for listening to your heart and following, trusting your instincts.


With this blog I would love to give you some inspiration and awareness for food and a holistic lifestyle that nourishes body and spirit. Whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, raw, paleo or a superfood recipe... try it, experiment with it, have fun in the kitchen and most importantly, eat with joy and gratitude.


Thank you to all my beautiful family & friends for contributing ideas and recipes.

I constantly learn and grow from all of you. My biggest gratitude goes to my mom Rita and my grandmother Franziska, who have relentlessly spent an entire lifetime in the kitchen/garden, preparing wonderful food for all of us.


We bring to you from our hearts to your plate, lots of love and delicious foods.




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