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With a dramatic increase in life expectancy, anti-aging has become one of the biggest, multi-billion dollar industries in first world countries. The never-ending ambition to maintain health and youthful looks is embedded into our society and can hardly be ignored.
A few weeks ago I had a rare beauty appointment and even though my skin is truely in its best state ever (and I can proudly say I am in my late thirties) the cosmetician worked hard to sell me a super serum which rejuvenates skin cells, for $285 and the promise, that this will definitely slow down aging! She was mortified to hear of my simple skin regime of apple cider vinegar as a cleanser and a basic moisturizer with an inbuilt SPF. A few years ago, the serum would have been a number on my credit card and I would be eagerly anticipating results in the mirror! Results that were never delivered and left me with more investments into  beautiful bottles promising clean, vital looking skin – something I never had... However, my life experiences have taught me for the better and after learning about health and experiencing vitality, I can honestly write here with an open heart: Beauty radiates from the inside both biologically and energetically – it simply can't come out of a jar.
Later that week, I heard a scientific report about cell growth in humans on the radio and was totally blown away with simple cell biology from our planet's evolution: The earth is about 4.6 billion years old, but life didn’t exist until about 2 billion years when self-nourishing cells invented a new way to get energy through photosynthesis. This is probably the greatest single metabolic invention in history, with it came living and dying of matter (call it rhythms of nature) on a cellular level. This also means that every single cell in our body and environment has a certain life span depending on how well it is fed on organic matter and able to metabolise carbon dioxide, water, sunlight, oxygen and carbohydrates.
Many alternative health professionals speak about cell nourishment but I didn’t quite understand the vastness of this until looking at it from the bigger picture: Healthy, ambivalent functioning takes place on a cellular level and whilst cell aging is an inevitable, natural process it can be changed in velocity depending on a variety of factors.
Besides chronological age, the biggest factor in aging is inflammation (your body’s response to stress) whether from your diet, lifestyle, environment or emotional state. Whilst inflammation is a normal state in nature, there is a chronic, constant and low-grade form which destroys the balance in your cellular body and makes you more susceptible to disease and aging. A glance in the mirror with a hangover or a cold gives a very good indication of this: Viral, fungal and bacterial infections create inflammation as does alcohol, excessive exercise, worrying and constant stress. All of these factors slow down or inhibit cellular activity. Pair or add on any of these conditions with nutritional deficiencies (cells need nourishment for activity) and your body will surely let you know it's unhappy.
So in summary, the state of approximately ten trillion individual cells in your body, are vital to your health, wellbeing and appearance. They are constantly dividing, regenerating, and dying, but each cell’s life cycle is different:
Some turn over every few hours but the most important cells in your body – those of your bones, brain and heart, don’t regenerate much at all, so treat them with care and nourish them as well as you possibly can for optimal functioning and a longevity.
So, what can you do to keep optimal health for your cells?
First and foremost: Learn to relax and to maintain a positive, coherent outlook for present and future. It’s no surprise that we feel best and healthiest when we are surrounded by loved ones, witnessing kind words or actions, after an achievement, a massage or anything that makes you feel good in your own unique way. Traditional Chinese Medicine has taught me that anger and worry affect your body balance, especially your organ functioning and what we process emotionally affects us physically. As my yoga teacher says at the end of every class: Send plenty of love to yourself today...
Nourishment for your physical body: If you are reading this blog you are probably well informed about nutrition and are alreday making the best possible choices suitable to you and your lifestyle. Personally, I can only state, that my biggest transformation came when I started focussing on eating fresh, organic foods, consumed equally in both a raw and cooked state. A basic principle of biochemistry is the balance of acid vs. alkaline foods to keep a slightly alkaline ph-level in your body. Inflammation of cells does not occur in an alkaline state. Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming whilst proteins and grains are acid forming. Eating slowly in a calm environment also contributes to alkalinity as the more you chew your food the more enzymes are created in your mouth which helps with digestion and nutrient absorption in your gut.
Rest and sleep: Both are essential to recharging and repairing cells in your body. Your adrenal glands are active and regulate all systems in your body determining your body’s responses to stressors of all kinds. They affect the level of cortisol in your body (stress hormones) which are a key for metabolism and sleep. Finding mindful movement that is incorporated into every day is super important and will affect your energy and vitality. We weren’t made to sit at a desk all day but neither to spend two hours in the gym after a long day
at work.
Lastly, taking back up the principle of photosynthesis: Soak up the sun, Vitamin D is crucial to every metabolic process in your system, so is oxygen. Get enough clean, fresh air on a daily basis. You have probably experienced tiredness and lethargy in air-conditioned buildings or airplanes. A twenty minute walk on a daily basis can do miracles for oxygen intake.
So, dear friends, keep nourishing those tiny cells of yours with the basics principles of biology following the cycles of nature and stay beautiful on the inside and out. Most of it is actually for free...
Sources: Harvard Journal - Cosmic Evolution, Wikipedia - History of the Earth, The Truth about your body’s cell regeneration, Body-Ecology Journal

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