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Move over coffee. Green juice and juice cleanses are becoming some of the most popular drinks in Australia.
The idea of fruit and vegetable juicing isn't anything particularly new:
Throughout history farmers and herbalists have grated, ground and pressed fresh herbs, leaves and fruits in order to extract the juice.
When I was little, my entire family would be making bottles and bottles of berry and apple juice from our orchard to use up the harvest and get us through the long, cold winter months in Bavaria.
The new generation of juicing however is ultimately healthy, utterly delicious and mostly green! Green juicing uses large quantities of leafy veg and brassicas such as kale, spinach, chard and broccoli and a new technique: cold-pressing which means slowly extracting the liquids.
I’m so excited to have Liam O'Neill from Refresh Juice + Cleanse here to answer some questions about this hype and why you should incorporate delicious freshly pressed juices into your diet.
What sparked your interest in health and wellness?
Well I’ve been a chef for 15 years and was fortunate enough to get a gig travelling the globe cooking for artists on tours. Madonna, Prince, Sir Paul McCartney just to name drop a few. As you can imagine, they each had their own very strict health regime. Touring and preforming is very physically challenging on the body and I guess I really enjoyed focussing on supporting their health which naturally made me focus on myself too. Not something chef’s are generally very good at.
What are the benefits of juicing?
In a nutshell, drinking fresh cold pressed juice is brilliantly easy and a delicious way of taking in high levels of nutrients, minerals and of course keeping you hydrated. Our juice blends are also specifically created to get the most out of each ingredient. An example of this would be that we use turmeric and black pepper in one of our juices. Turmeric is incredibly good for you, however it isn’t absorbed well unless digested with black pepper.
Can you tell us more about cold pressing?
Our cold pressed juice machine applies around 12 tonnes of pressure to raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. With the process of “cold” pressing it ensure that enzymes aren’t subjected to friction or heat which would otherwise destroy nutrients. Cold pressing is the reason our juices have the vibrant colour, nutrients and flavour that they do
What’s a good ratio of vegetables vs fruits?
For the most part, we use around 20 % fruit as a base in each of our juices. I think some people can be concerned about the natural sugars in fruit. But like anything, it’s all about balance and there is a world of difference between natural sugars and the white table sugar people may be making comparisons to. Don’t forget vegetables are naturally sweet too.
Juice cleanses are really big at the moment.
Who can cleanse, when and why?
I think everyone who cleanses probably does so for a different reason. Some want to give their body a bit of downtime. Maybe you feel like your stuck in a food or lifestyle rut. I look at it as a holistic experience, resting the body from processed foods and sugars, taking in high levels of nutrients and cleansing personally helps me clear my mind, simplifying my day. We have done all the hard work for you.
I have been really interested in child nutrition. How much juice do you recommend for kids?
Our juices are made with local, raw and highly nutritious fruits and vegetables. Of course they’re good for kids. Like anything, in moderation is best. Our straight up OJ, AJ and watermelon are absolutely favourites with kids. But the fruit and veg blends are prefect for getting veggies in them without a battle.
Win win!
A lot of our readers are overseas. Do you have any tips for juicing
at home?
If you buy straight up juices (OJ, AJ) or any other good quality fresh juice then you don’t have to do all that juicing at home. These are great as a base for your smoothies, green juices or protein shakes. Then just add extra ingredients of your choice. Using parsley, avocado, banana, ginger, almond milk and berries is a great places to start. The combinations are endless.
Thanks so much Liam. If you live in Perth, Western Australia you can find Refresh Juices at selected shops, online and they also specialise in custom made juice cleanse packages. Since we are finally heading into spring which is traditionally the month of cleansing they have some major deals on: www.refreshjuice.com.au

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