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This entry was written by my lovely friend Willow Francis. He is an authorized Heart Math trainer, and together with his equally amazing partner Catherine, they run various courses on Heart Intelligence out of their studio in Fremantle.
In June I participated in one of their six week training programs and it has given me a life-changing, 'magic tool belt' to cope with difficult, stressful situations, but also to stand still and embrace the beautiful moments of every day life. I wish someone would have taught me in kindergarden how to 'drop the thought' and listen to my heart... it's a simple and powerful process.
Stress - the metaphorical “elephant" in the healthy kitchen
Judy has asked us to speak to you all in her new section on positive
lifestyle changes.
I work with my beautiful partner Catherine in our business Heart Intelligence Training - stress mastery programs to overcome challenges such as overwhelm, fatigue and irritability. We are based here in Perth.
Having worked in the health industry as a nurse for many years and been close witness to the effects of unhealthy living, I moved on from the hospital world and built a new structure and business lifestyle - a superfood and nutrition education business with Catherine. We ran this for 6 years. We were able to embrace all things ridiculously healthy - green smoothies, superfoods, superherbs, sprouts, fermented foods, raw chocolate - a balanced approach to eating, regular exercise, meditation and a healthy positive approach to life! Phew!
We had great results and were living a wonderful vibrant (though sometimes overwhelming) life.
As we dove deeper into what it is to live a healthy, vibrant, purposeful and balanced life, Catherine and I noticed amongst our fellow health practitioners, our clients, our customers, our friends, families and ourselves, that there was a metaphorical ‘elephant in the lounge room’.
What was it??? STRESS.
It is estimated that 90 percent of all health complaints to the doctor are
stress related!
What does this mean for us? That the potential is there to have a huge impact on our wellbeing and that of our family, friends and communities by reversing the effects of stress!
Cortisol, the major stress hormone in the body, runs rampant when our stress is up and causes a myriad of health, emotional and mental problems.
Stress symptoms such as overwhelm, irritability, anger, worry, self-pity and frustration all increase our production of cortisol and reduce DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) - the positive life-force hormone. The impact of stress on our emotions and thoughts, distorts our view on our lives, biases the importance we place on our problems and reduces our overall feeling that we are living a quality life.
Good news. For the past 30 years, research in the field of neurocardiology has now proven that we can reverse this trend in our bodies (fairly simply and NOT with pharmaceuticals).
For years the approach to stress has been teaching relaxation. This approach can be helpful in the short term but how many of you can relax when you are running late, the traffic is backed up, you get a call that presses your buttons and then your child gets sick.
Relaxation is not the solution to stress habits. Relaxation is like putting a bandaid on the wound - we need to get to the cause of stress and change the reaction pathways at the moments they are happening.
The root cause of our challenges is not the perceived outside problem - it is how we respond to the problem and the importance we give it. We need to be able to change our response in the moment and that is not as hard as we may think.
We all talk about stress and read about stress and think that this is doing something about it, then we continue on as usual. The stress pathways and responses we have developed over our lives are what we need to change.
Our conditioned and automatic reaction to words, looks, situations in the external and internal environment. Not enough time, space, money, too much to do, rush rush, fitting it all in, leaving no room for the quality of life we all know
we can have.
So what’s the solution?
Stop reading for a moment and try this: Take out your mobile phone and bring up your favorite photo.
Stop just for a moment, take a few slow deep breaths and really tune in to that picture - the feelings it evokes, the memory of the time it was taken, the love and happiness.
How do you feel now? Do you feel stressed?
Surprisingly, deliberately activating deep heart feelings (such as compassion, joy, love, care and kindness) is one of the keys to transforming your stress highways into balanced relaxed byways!
After thirty years of research and peer reviewed trials, we now have the answers to properly  understand stress and what we can do about it in real time NOW.
This research has shown that you can learn to stop feeding anxious feelings, create new emotional patterns and behaviors and replace the negative ones that have been draining your energy and spirit.
Like exercise to build muscle, the changes required take earnest practice, though the results are often experienced immediately and the effects are permanent as you create new neural and emotional pathways - more DHEA, less cortisol and a balanced nervous system.
Low grade anxiety that is always present beneath the surface of your day doesn’t have to be normal for you.
I believe we are here to develop qualities in ourselves and share this experience called life with those around us.
How amazing I felt when ‘stressful things’ happened and I responded in a balanced. calm and intelligent way instead of slipping into survival mode and then the long recovery afterwards.
Inside myself on a daily level I am more emotionally balanced and mentally
at peace.
After attending years of different trainings courses classes and immersing myself in so many practices I can honestly say that I have now embraced the missing puzzle piece that has bought me more peace, joy, balance and confidence in every area of my life through the work Catherine and I have now integrated into both our personal lives and our business.
My passion with my loving partner Catherine is to be able to share these skills and techniques with anyone who is committed to change.
In conclusion, the next time you are about to say that snide comment to your partner or snap at your kids because you have too many things to do, take out your phone and activate the antidote...this is just the beginning of a journey into the next advancement in living a wonderful life - more emotional maturity, care and fun!
If this article has sparked your interest and you would like to learn more and listen to other people, mothers, business owners etc talking about their experience with doing this training please go to: hitraining.com.au

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